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No, it's MY computer...


Hello, welcome to my desktop... please browse around to look inside my brain. You can drag windows and icons around just like ‘the real thing’. I made this site look like a Windows Classic desktop because that is where I learned to do everything I know how to do.

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Georgia takes the extraordinarily complicated and transforms it into something which is simple and accessible without being patronising. What's more, she's very fun to work with and highly communicative. My best kept secret!

Alice Thwaite, founder, Hattusia

Georgia combines the qualities of curiosity, humility, and gregariousnes in everything she does. She builds relationships of trust and asks highly intelligent questions that unlock the correct next actions on a project. Plus, she's an excellent writer on anything tech, data, and society.

Jo Kerr, Director of Impact & Innovation, Turn2us

Georgia makes B2B content FUN. B2B has a bad rap: those hundred-page white papers; dry content only for those niche industries. She is the B2B content creator everyonen needs, turning complex topics into simple writing anyone can understand, and above all, adding colour to industries that need it the most. I can't recommend her enough!

Erika Smith go-to-market strategist

Georgia is a pro at taking your shambles of copy and reshaping into a charismnatic story which captures the unspoken essence of your desires. She did this with my game, and could do it with yours...

Sam Ballard, illustrator and game designer

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Mutual Dislike


Mutual Dislike is a cool zine of short fiction printed in a tabloid newspaper. It's the best newspaper you'll ever read...

experimental fiction and printed works


what is in this folder.txt

You'll never 'get' me, I'm an artist dammit

what is in this folder.txt


At the moment the most important thing I'm making is MUTUAL DISLIKE, a zine of flash-fiction printed inside a tabloid newspaper. Special bonus surprise: it's free. "Fiction is my passion," said Georgia.

ALICE is a story with images and, honestly, I made it as a secret santa gift in 2014

MODERN LIVING is one of the first books I made, and it explains how to live a modern life

ABINOX is some long-fiction inpired by this album of 8bit music. Each chapter is named after a track on the album. It's about hedonistic space travellers, I guess. 

PEPSI KING is s series of stories I wrote on a typewriter, all of which fit onto a single side of A4, and followed very similar themes. E.g. there was always a king in it, and usually something happens with pepsi

The SER is a personal anthology of short and flash fiction. It was my first purge of ideas after I decided that writing was a thing I really enjoyed. My writing is much less serious than this now.

GIRL MOTHER FATHER is about a girl who runs away from home and receives weird notes from her ghost mother, and annoying letters from her inept father

Games etc.


Cancel all your meetings, because you are DISTRACTED

random crap that i made


read me.txt

Look I'm sorry you can't drag these icons, that would break the rules

read me.txt


I like making random crap sometimes; it has literally no use but it's fun to mess around with or look at for like five minutes. I'm not very good at coding so like, DON'T look at the code and DO expect it to be broken in some way. Sorry etc.
    *Boardgame name generator
    *Phone battery simulator
    *click for fish
    *movie sequel generator
I also wrote the code for this very website, so again, sorry if stuff breaks during your dynamic online experience

Present Day


I write about technology constantly, whether for my clients or for myself. I produce a quarterly zine of techno-dystopian flash fiction and I write a substack that analyses Big Tech, AI, and web3.



I'm a freelance writer, editor, and researcher. If you want to *do business* you should probably have a look at a slightly more proper CV
I do all kinds of content and comms work, such as blog/newsletter production, literature reviews and report writing, and assistance with overall communications strategies. I've mainly worked with those inside of the civic tech space (Hattusia, AWO, Careful Industries, Alix Dunn), but if you exist outside of this space you can absolutely still email me about work, don't even worry about it.

I also write a substack which provides thorough analyses of what's going on with big tech platforms, AI, and tech regulation. 

+ Computery nostalgia
+ Things that are broken and don’t work properly (reminds us that we suck sometimes, and not everything has to be functional to be acceptable)
+ Dystopia (social media is in charge of you, we’re all going to die at the hands of trans-human police, etc.)

- Machine recommendations (do not presume to ‘know me’; you are an algorithm)
- Gender reveal cakes
- The proliferation of moral panics (porn is my favourite 'health crisis' actually)

_____________COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF WORK_____________

Understanding the Potential of Web3: A report I wrote with Careful Industries which examines whether emerging web3 technologies can make progress with significant global challenges

The Current State of Assurance in Establishing Trust in PETs: this is a report I wrote in collaboration with Alice Thwaite, as part of The Royal Society’s wider report on privacy enhancing technologies. Alice and I conducted a review on how certain privacy enhancing technologies build or maximise trust-relationships within the contexts that they are used.

The Words We Use in Data Policy: Putting People Back in the Picture: this was commissioned and produced by Defend Digital Me, and outlines the ways in which the language we use to describe data changes the way we perceive and use it.

Provocation write-ups for Hattusia: When Hattusia was active, I would attend their monthly tech ethics meet up and then write the talks into blog posts. These covered a range of subjects within tech ethics, from algorithmic impact assessments to critical views on how technology has caused a ‘crisis of attention'.

Introducing the Local Needs Databank is a blog post I wrote for The Data Collective, outlining how charities and funders can use a dataset that maps needs across the UK at a granular level. 

The Three Stages of Product Development is a resource I wrote up for Catalyst, designed to help charitable organisations better understand the various processes and workflows that are typical in digital product development. 

Beyond Thinking is a Medium post I wrote for Moral Imaginations, which explains a few of the concepts they were concerned with at the time, such as warm data.


* MUTUAL DISLIKE is published by me and is a quarterly zine of short stories. Issue 4 is available digitally if you can't wait for a paper issue...

* GDFC MAG is a quarterly magazine run by my football team, Goal Diggers FC. I contribute opinion pieces in response to the theme

* MODERN LIVING was published by AND Public and is a book.
* THE DEATH OF JOHNNY CASH was published by Good Comics and is a piece of short fiction.
* A POISONOUS COMFORT IS WHAT I DESIRE TODAY was published by Novelty Magazine and is a piece of short fiction.
* THE TRUMAN SHOW PRODUCTION TEAM EMAIL EXCHANGE was published by Novelty Magazine and is a piece of experimental fiction.
* ALICE was published on Literati Pulp and is a piece of short fiction


* COLD COFFEE: A couple have a joint birthday and realise they hate each other when they exchange gifts. I got funding to produce this, so I did.
* ZED AND THE GANG: A science magician tries to reverse the end of the universe, and does so with his best friend by his side, who is a pot of gravy.
* THE PINK ROOM: a woman keeps spacing out and finding herself in a pink room with no doors or windows. The reason behind this will shock and upset you.
* FIONA AT THE PARTY: a young woman goes to a house party with her best friend and is subject to series of micro-aggressions from different men at the party


*EARTH II: This story follows a self-righteous politician trying to rally everyone together during their fresh start on Earth II, which is the planet that humanity had to escape to after we made the Earth (Earth I) uninhabitable.

*JEAN’S JOB: two sisters live together and one of them makes money by hacking around and making money on OG usernames. The other one has a ‘normal’ job and is extremely judgemental.