Type, re-type

This work first starts as an unobserved performance: I have been using a typewriter to recall a short story I wrote as a child (the story was also written by typewriter). I attempt the story a number of times, each one not covering more than one A4 sheet. Each new story is in reference to the ones previously written (as well as what I might remember from the original I wrote as a child), and I am working solely from memory each time. What I wish to convey with this is that memory can be unreliable - often times alters it into something you prefer, or find easier to understand. To emphasise how different the original might be to how I remember it, I have added some elements to the stories which are completely new.

There is also something in that the whole process is that of non-mechanical duplication or reproduction. In a world where images/clothes/pieces of furniture can be duplicated, and altered, and then duplicated again, an infinite number of times, what is known as the 'original' is often lost or forgotten. The kind of non-mechanical reproduction undertaken in order to write and re-write this story is a reflection on that process of industry; instead of the use of precision-based modern technology, I am relying only on human memory, a notoriously unreliable source of information.